about nina


Who is nd pilates?

Nina Haldemann is a native Brit who first learnt the Pilates method while training as a contemporary dancer as a teenager. She has taught Pilates for more than 15 years and, after travelling the world, established the nd pilates Studio in Zürich in 2010. Nina has built up a loyal client base in Zürich, at first through classes at Holmes Place and Silhouette Fitness Clubs, and then with private clients at nd pilates.


Nina has studied with some of the world's leading Pilates teachers including Rael Isacowitz, Susan Pepper of the Swissbody™ Pilates Centre in Geneva, and Lolita San Miguel – one of the few remaining protégées of Joseph Pilates, the founder of the Pilates method.


Nina is the only Swissbody-accredited Pilates teacher in Zürich.